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CRM and the Customer Portal

How associations as well as any organization can leverage an online self-service portal with their Microsoft Dynamics CRM In recent years, organizations (in particular associations), have discovered the power of customer relationship management (CRM) platforms. Most associations now want an … Continue reading

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CRM Confusion: The Double Definition of CRM

The acronym “CRM” is increasingly becoming a household name or at the very least a common business term. But what exactly is CRM these days? To most, CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management – the ability to track leads, prospects, … Continue reading

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Breaking down CRM options for Associations

The Pros and Cons of moving to CRM at your Association Lots of talk about CRM these days – more so than ever it seems. How can associations leverage CRM? Where does an association start? What are the options out … Continue reading

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Top 3 Design Considerations in CRM for Trickle Up Benefits

How Design Influences User Adoption When it comes to design, people tend to use what works well for them. The key word there being “well”. An easy to use CRM with good clean design not only increases user adoption and productivity, it … Continue reading

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Innovation and xRM

New business solution innovation from unlikely sources by extending Microsoft Dynamics CRM – often called xRM This post focuses on the following questions related to small and large business solution innovation through the use of xRM (eXtended Relationship Management): First, … Continue reading

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What Constitutes a Technology Game Changer?

The Three “M” method to Recognize and Leverage New Technologies Remember in the movie The Graduate when Dustin Hoffman’s character was told: “One word: Plastics”. Chevy Chase was in a movie called Fletch where he said “it’s all ball bearings … Continue reading

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4 Steps to Improve Data Consolidation Using Microsoft Dynamics CRM

We often hear from business executives about their concerns with duplicate systems and multiple data silos. We also hear the desire to create or improve “a grand all-encompassing data warehouse” so executives can better understand performance trends as well as … Continue reading

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