CRM in the Cloud

Cloud CRMMicrosoft Dynamics 365 Deployment Options and the Cloud.   Microsoft provides a choice for deployment. 

  • CRM on-premise at your company on your company’s servers
  • CRM in the cloud either using Microsoft’s public cloud option called CRM Online or with a certified Microsoft partner (called partner hosted) that allows direct access to the database

With CRM in the cloud, there is nothing to install and nothing to maintain and nothing to back-up.  It is all in the cloud available anywhere you happen to be.  That is the power of the cloud.

Support.  Microsoft provides unlimited free access to resources and tools that can help you to learn how the software works, get the most out of your solution, and continuously improve your business performance to help:

  • Maximize value. Microsoft provide unlimited e-learning for your Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online solution, enabling you to realize its full potential.
  • Increase business productivity. Help employees boost productivity by accessing tools and resources from Microsoft 24 hours a day, including self-directed support, easy access to the knowledge base, and troubleshooting steps to help you solve issues quickly. You can also unleash new functionality and help improve business processes and productivity—all through the Microsoft online portal, CustomerSource, and the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Resource Center.
  • Amplify problem resolution support. Microsoft provides unlimited access to Microsoft support engineers who can help you become more productive. Help reduce downtime and support costs with our eight-hour initial response time to resolution (during local business hours).